How to spot fake moldavite and protect your investment

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Attention collectors! Moldavite imitators are readily available and designed to fool the uninformed. Although imitation Moldavite can look just like the real thing, there are a few indicators that will help you spot fakes so you don’t lose your money. We will examine the signs of imitation Moldavite and compare them to real moldavite, click this link.

Sign #1: Too-good-to-be-true price

The price of Moldavite that seems too high to be real can often indicate a fake. Moldavite, which is an expensive and rare mineral, should not be sold for a ridiculously low price. Moldavite that is sold for lower than the market value should be avoided. This is an indication that the diamond has been altered.

Sign 2: It is not the right color

Moldavite that has a wrong color can be another sign of fake Moldavite. The color you are considering buying is likely fake. Genuine Moldavite has an unusual green hue that’s unlike other minerals. Moldavite should have a consistent tone with a bright green hue. This indicates that it is genuine.

Sign 3: Smooth, uniform surface.

Real Moldavite is unique in that it has neither a uniform or smooth texture. It is an impact-created natural mineral. If the moldavite surface you are looking at appears too smooth or uniform, it is probably fake. Moldavite that is genuine will feel rough and lumpy.

#4: This form is perfect

False Moldavite can be made by molding or casting, rather than the real Moldavite. It is often a perfectly formed product. If the moldavite is uniform in shape, it’s likely that you are looking at a counterfeit. Moldavite is known for its irregular forms, so be sure to keep your eyes open.

Sign #5: There is no documentation or certification

The last thing you should know is that if the Moldavite item you are considering buying doesn’t have any paperwork or certifications, it may be a counterfeit. Moldavite, a valuable mineral that can be expensive, is important to ensure it is authentic. You can be sure that your Moldavite purchase is genuine by looking for an authentic certificate issued by a respected gemologist.

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